Angel’s Envy Rye and I

I moved to South Bend in the summer of 2016 for a job. This was a challenge for me personally and professionally. I knew no one. Nor did I know much about the area of South Bend, other than Notre Dame is located here. One day I stumbled across The Whiskey Exchange Bar (@theexchangeSB).

Interesting in that I stumbled across The Whiskey Exchange while recruiting my right hand and his wife to the area. We have a certain fondness for Whiskey. By happenstance I ordered a flight of whiskey and the bartender informed me that they were out of one of the whiskies. However, she explained, the substitute she was going to provide me with would not disappoint. The substitute was Angel’s Envy Rye and so began my love affair.

Out of all of the whiskies I have tasted throughout my years Angel’s Envy Rye is by far my favorite. Two Fingers, One Big Ice Cube, Glass, and Sip. Pure heaven.

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The creator: @kybourbonmaker